Vision & Mission Statement

Vision, Mission, & Principles

Lifelong Learning Institute of Charlotte County



We are an independent Non-Profit Organization (501 C-3) that is committed to the advancement of Lifelong Learning – i.e. the continuing pursuit of knowledge to build skills for personal or professional reasons, to explore new ideas, enhance understanding, and enrich life.

We seek alliances or partner relationships with other Institutes of similar interest for the mutual benefit to LLI and these Institutes, for the good of the Citizens of Charlotte and neighboring Counties in SW Florida. Our partnership with Florida SouthWestern State College is the first and most important of these.



LLI, in alliance with our partners, especially Florida SouthWestern State College, is the premier Institution satisfying the needs for Lifelong pursuit of Learning for personal or professional development, for improved citizenship, competitiveness, or for other enlightened self-interest.



LLI will offer the best affordable non-credit learning opportunities to adults and organizations seeking personal and professional development in topics, venues and methods that will enrich, enlighten and benefit their lives.

Our alliance with Florida SouthWestern State College enhances learning in the attractive Charlotte Campus. Where this is not possible, we will take LLI to our members and students at their locations whenever this is feasible.



1. Education is the foundation of personal and social growth and development from early childhood throughout adult life.

2. LLI specializes in the Lifelong pursuit of Learning beyond High School, Technical School, Community or State College and University, and covers non-credit, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of education, personal and professional development.

3. LLI will not compete with formal educational systems offering credit courses or training.

4. LLI will pro-actively reach out with our resources to other Florida SouthWestern State College Campuses, other interested groups of similar purpose in Charlotte and neighboring Counties in SW Florida.

5. LLI will always offer the hand of collaboration to other Organizations involved in Adult Education and expect the same in return for our mutual benefit.