A Message from the President & LLI Board of Directors

A Message from our President

President Hammami in the Spice Market, Dubai.

President Hammami in the Spice Market, Dubai.

Welcome to a new, exciting, innovative and informative season of LLI and warmest wishes for the Holidays.Our Board, Committee and Faculty members have prepared a great program for the 2014 Winter and Spring Terms. These are built on past successes and your expressed interest. From Shakespeare to Short Stories of Flannery O’Connor and short Classic American Novels; from World Religions to The Just Society in a Post-Modern World; from Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy to Income Growth and Economic Inequality; from Nature Hikes and Walking Tours in our area to Petra, the Amazing Rose Red City, half a world away; from the Greek Gods to the History of the Rape of Nanking; from the Historic Murals of Punta Gorda to the Nights Skies; from Modern Art to Nature Photography and Interior Design; from learning Spanish to Writing your Memoirs and Publishing; from Whole Foods, to Improved Health. And much more, in trips, walking tours, Book Clubs, Languages and Lectures. Our International Film series bring you winners of Major Awards – from the Life of Martin Luther King to Award Winning International Films.

Our Second Annual Health Fair will build on the success of the first one last year. You can take two great day trips. Visit our website, come to our Open House on January 15, 9 a.m. -11 a.m., signup for all that appeal to you, tell your friends. Read the catalog, and keep it close for reference.

Give us the gift of your time. We promise you a great diet for the mind and spirit, the secret of Happy, Healthy, Lifelong Learning and Living.

If you like what you find in LLI, leave a legacy, donate now and on May 6, 2014 for matching with the Giving Partner, include us in your Will or Trust. You’ll leave a gift of Lifelong Learning for others to nourish their intellect and inspire their lives.

Hasan Hammami, President

LLI Announces the Start of its New Legacy Fund

LLI is proud to announce the start of a new LLI Trust Fund, to be called the LLI Legacy Fund. This Fund has been started to assure the long term well being of LLI. The Legacy fund will not be used to pay LLI operating expenses. The principal of the Fund will be used exclusively for things that have to do with the Future Growth and Development of LLI approved by the LLI Executive Committee of the Board. Revenue from the Legacy Fund, whether interest, earnings or income may be used for special projects which are defined by the Donors to the Fund.

The LLI Legacy fund is being started with about $7,000, made up of the Mary Blake Fund, current LLI CD’s and the recent donations made in honor of the late Mr Stevenson and a gift by the Hammami Family Trust Fund.

Donations to the Fund whether in Currency, Gifts, Wills or Trusts may be made anytime by check,cash, credit card, equities or properties or online.  Please contact the President, the Treasurer or the LLI Office.


Hasan Hammami, President
Larry Smith, Vice-President, Treasurer
Bonnie Leroy, Secretary

Judith Berger, Curriculum
Adam Cummings, Outreach
Valerie Guenther, Public Relations & Marketing
Joseph Hegleh, M.D., F.A.C.S., New Initiatives
Robert Moran, Outreach
Patti Ramos, Book Club
Joanne Thompson, Chair Health Initiatives
Phyllis Walker, Esquire, Membership
Diane Watson, Trips

Ellie Harris, Legal Advisor
Denise Demo-Egbert, Board Liaison Edison State College

Francine Spevak, Office Manager

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